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Bud was recommended to me by a friend at a gym I went to, after I was diagnosed with lumbar disc disease in 2010.

I had been dissatisfied with my phyiso sessions and felt unable to do things I enjoyed, e.g. running.

Bud has a very holistic approach and addressed my specific needs, particulary my lack core strength.

After only a few sessions, I saw a big difference in me, &  it completely changed the way I trained from then on.

Bud keeps my sessions effective also challenging yet enjoyable, you don't realise how much you progress through training with Bud, i've been able to start surfing again and I completed a 10km  run... something I never thought I could ever do again, of course my lumbar problem is still there, but flare-ups are rarer and less severe.

I couldn't thank Bud enough for his efforts....


I just hope others may benefit from training with him.


Cathy G.


Two years ago I joined a gym to lose weight before flying long-haul to Australia to visit my daughter.

At 54, 5'2'' and 14 stone, I was overweight with health worries, uncomfortable and miserable.

Having been a gymnast in my youth I was aware of how sluggish my body felt and how totally unfit I was, as my job as book-keeper meant i was sedentary for most of the day.

I was introduced to Bud as a personal trainer and so started a period of seeing him weekly.

He helped me keep track of my diet, worked out an exercise programme that I could do between our sessions and understood and worked around my restrictions.

After 8 months I went from 87.6kg (13.11lbs) to 71.8kg (11.04lbs) and dropped a few dress sizes from 18 going on 20 to to a size 14.

My daughter was so surprised and delighted when she saw me, but more than that, it was all the comments I got from friends and colleagues.

There is no doubt without Bud's help I could not have reached my weight loss goal and the goal of fitting comfortably in an aircraft seat.

Thank you.


Ruth R

Bud Lucas 07887 888 802

The 1 on 1 Fitness Studio

740c High Rd (Browning Rd)

Leytonstone Village London E11 3AW

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